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8 Things Updated on Clash of Clans 2017

Recently Clash of Clans updates have slowed down and the game is getting stale. In fact, only two have been released since October of 2016. However, a brand new March Clash of Clans update has been revealed, and teasers suggest something huge is coming in the near future. Read on for what to know, and what we want to see next.

The developers at Supercell have been listening to feedback, and made countless changes to improve the overall balance. And while lately the game has started to slow down, they haven’t. In fact, the March update has welcomed changes, and more are coming in 2017.

Lately they’ve added a Bomb Tower, stronger Air Defense, special offers and even special events. That isn’t enough though. Now that things are more balanced than ever before, what’s next? We’re not sure, but here are a few changes that we’d love to see in the future.

Town Hall 11 has been available for over a year, and is getting stronger than ever. Considering they’ve added a third hero, a Bomb Tower, EAGLE and more, we also received 25 more walls in March, again.

Over the past year all of the exciting news has been about Clash Royale, not Clash of Clans. That said, they are two completely different developer teams at Supercell. And while we thought they’ve been quiet for no reason, something huge is coming. We’re hearing a “game-changing” update will arrive in 2017. This will surge the game back to its old popularity, get players enjoying it again, and appeal to millions of new gamers. How though, we’re not sure yet. Check out the video below, and then our slideshow with leaked photos and some speculation.

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