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Prison Architect, For You Who Want to Have Prison in Your Mobile Devices

Do you like playing building game on PC? Actually, you also can find similar building game on mobile devices. In fact, there are many of them. But, if we have to choose one that can be said really interesting and different, we would choose Prison Architect.

When you heard about this game name, maybe you think that you will be in charged in building a prison and make business from it. That’s partly true. You must design prison, which isn’t only comfortable for the prisoner that has been held at there, but also inescapable. So, you need to consider many things, like security system, the structure of building and many more. But, that’s not all. This game is basically, you run a prison. That means you need to create daily schedule for the prisoner, choosing people to hire that will run the prison and even conducting the execution. Because of this game play, we can say that this game has dark side that maybe doesn’t suitable with some of people. So, you may need to consider about this aspect, before you download and play this game. However, if we see it from the build game perspective, we can say that this is one of the best games in this genre. It is so detailed. There are so many factors that you can adjust. Basically, you have more freedom to create prison that you like. Because of this system as well, the game can be really complex. Although it’s just a building game, it can feel like one of those difficult puzzle games. But, you don’t need to worry. This game has tutorial that will help you to understand how to play it.

The graphic can be said really simple. It use 2D graphic with some detail that make it looks beautiful. The inmate that will be held in your prison is depicted in 2D picture. It’s so funny. The background and each room have high detail, which make it looks great. For example, if you see the kitchen area, you can see many different cooking and eating utensils in it that has good design. And also good result and fun to use my singing monsters hack tool.

Overall, this game is one of best management and simulation, plus building game that you can find for mobile devices. This game isn’t free. You need to pay around $14.99 to get its full version, where you can play it in many different ways. But, it is worth and you will have one of best game for your mobile devices.